Bachelor of Arts in Chinese and History 文學士(中文及歷史)2016 2017

Selection Criteria for Stream Allocation for 2016 cohort


  • For students who are admitted to BA in Chinese and History of Normative 4-year degree students in 2016/17 will be invited to indicate their choice of Stream in Semester B 2016/17. The allocation of Stream will be conducted in June-July 2017, and the allocated Stream for students will take effect from Semester A 2017/18.
  • The above provision does not apply to students already admitted with a Stream.
  • Students who are on leave of absence in either Semester A or Semester B 2016/17 will still be included in the Stream allocation exercise. Students who are on leave in both Semesters A and B 2016/17 will be excluded from the entire Stream allocation exercise of 2016/17. They will be invited to participate in a future Stream allocation exercise, and shall be subject to the selection criteria for Stream allocation stipulated for the future exercise that they will participate in.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria for Stream allocation in Year 2 are in the following order of priority:

  1. Priority of students’ stream preferences
  2. Cumulative GPA at the end of semester B 2016/17
  3. Results of the 2 to 3 stream core courses taken in year 1
  4. Results of Departmental Foundation Courses: CAH2610 and CAH2611