Vision and Mission

A.  Education

  1. Establishing excellent tertiary education, outstanding research and international reputation in the field of Chinese culture, especially Chinese literature, Chinese history and Chinese cultural heritage;
  2. Offering high standard courses bridging to the BA, MA, and research degrees in Chinese, Chinese history, and cultural heritage;
  3. Contributing to the Gateway Education function of the University by offering instruction on Chinese culture, history, literature and philosophy;
  4. Training undergraduate and graduate students to apply their knowledge to diverse professions and enterprises, including education, business, government service, and academia.

B.  Research

  1. Promoting research in diverse academic spheres and adopting interdisciplinary approach to it, as well as integrating with teaching;
  2. Achieving research outputs of international standard and gaining reputation in the academia of Chinese culture;
  3. Promoting academic exchange on education and research between City University of Hong Kong and other worldwide educational institutions;
  4. Collaborating with other academic units (such as Fudan University, Peking University, Harvard University, Heidelberg University, The University of Tokyo, Academia Sinica and National Taiwan University) in interdisciplinary curricula and research endeavors;
  5. Sponsoring lectures, seminars, conferences and exhibitions for the public and University communities to experience the intellectual and trends of Chinese culture.