Minor in Art History and Archaeology

For students admitted to the Minor with Catalogue Term Semester A 2020/21 and thereafter.

Exclusive Majors

Students who study the following major are not allowed to choose this minor:
Major in Chinese and History (Cultural Heritage StreamHistory Stream & History and Cultural Heritage Stream)


Aims of Minor

With its self-consciously interdisciplinary character, the minor programme is dedicated to the study of the art, material culture and history of China and Asia as well as ancient and contemporary through teaching, research, exhibition, visit and community education.

Generally speaking, the disciplines of art history and archaeology provide a vivid understanding of how the past informs our present through its focus on the archaeological/historical/artistic remains including jade, pottery, bronze, sculpture, painting, calligraphy of the human past. With references to archaeological/historical/artistic productions and materials, our courses focus on the major issues in human history, discuss theories related to archaeology, anthropology, aesthetics etc, and examine the most updated techniques for investigating, reconstructing, interpreting and preserving the archaeological sites and findings as well as artistic productions. In addition, by imparting essential analytical and integrating knowledge to students, the minor courses equip students with the ability to think critically and improves their reading and writing skills, which are essential at the workplace today. Site visit and museum tour are also the most important teaching activities. By exploring closely at objects within their artistic, historical, social, and technological contexts, students will develop skills of visual perception and of relating the objects and theories.


Co-ordinator Tel Email
Prof. LIU Dong 3442-2426 dong.liu@cityu.edu.hk


Intended Learning Outcomes of Minor (MINILOs)

Upon successful completion of this Minor, students should be able to:

  1. demonstrate what art history and archaeology are and their development into the scholarly discipline.
  2. demonstrate the concepts, theories and methods of art and archaeology.
  3. analyse the various categories of archaeological discoveries and artistic productions, as well as the scholarly viewpoints.
  4. explain and criticize the current academic arguments, as well as reflect the hypothesis related to art and archaeology.
  5. apply the artistic and archaeological methods to investigate, analyse and interpret the objects.


Minor Requirement (15 credit units)

Core Courses (6 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CAH2865 History of Chinese Art 3
CAH3852 World Archaeology 3


Electives (9 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CAH2501 Art and Visual Culture 3
CAH2503 World Art and Culture 3
CAH2505 Arts and Aesthetic Criticism 3
CAH2509 History and Heritage 3
CAH2545 Texts in Chinese Art and Culture 3
CAH2812 Early and Imperial China 3
CAH3538 Patronage and Art Market 3
CAH3541 Archaeology and Cultural Heritage 3
CAH3542 Museum Studies 3
CAH3832 The Study of Dunhuang
CAH3853 Contemporary China from an Anthropological Perspective 3
CAH4507 Critical Approaches to Art and History 3

Please see also the Guidelines for Minor Studies

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