Minor in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

For students admitted to the Minor with Catalogue Term Semester B 2018/19 and thereafter.

Exclusive Majors

Students who study the following majors are not allowed to choose this minor:
Major in Chinese and History (Chinese Stream)


Aims of Minor

This informative minor program aims at broadening the knowledge base and humanistic horizon of students across colleges and departments. It pays special attention to enhancing their awareness of and interest in the development of modern and contemporary Chinese literature, which has contributed significantly to shaping Chinese culture.

To help all registered students lay a solid foundation, the compulsory core, which are existing courses, impart basic knowledge and provide a holistic picture of the development of modern literature from 1917 to 1949 and contemporary literature from 1950 to present in China. In advancing the level of intellectual reflection of the subject, the electives are topic oriented and designed for special interest. They explore important areas that define the richness of modern and contemporary Chinese literature and deal with special issues that increase their complexity. As a whole, the Minor allows its students to have the competiveness needed for addressing and discussing Chinese cultural changes from a professional perspective of modern and contemporary literature.


Co-ordinator Tel Email
Prof. LIU Dong 3442-2426 dong.liu@cityu.edu.hk


Intended Learning Outcomes of Minor (MINILOs)

Upon successful completion of this Minor, students should be able to:

  1. identify the core contents of and major issues concerning modern and contemporary Chinese literature.
  2. illustrate the aesthetic qualities of modern and contemporary Chinese literature.
  3. apply essential concepts and terminologies in discussing the various subjects of modern and contemporary Chinese literature.
  4. formulate arguments on issues pertaining to modern and contemporary Chinese literature in oral and written presentations.
  5. reflect on Chinese culture through critical understanding of modern and contemporary Chinese literature.

Additional Information

Students who register for the Minor must complete 15 credits throughout their four-year study in CityU. The Minor will be offered at three levels, with Two compulsory courses (6 credits) helping students to acquire a holistic view of the subject and lay a strong foundation, and Three Electives (9 credits) in order to develop sufficient intellectuality and skills in discussing special topics.


Minor Requirement (15 credit units)

Core Courses (6 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CAH2140 Modern Chinese Literature
CAH3187 Contemporary Chinese Literature


Electives (9 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CAH2104 Selected Authors of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
CAH2141 History of Chinese Literature
CAH2142 Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism
CAH3136 Selected Readings in Chinese Women Literature
CAH3146 Great Works in Classical Chinese Literature II: From Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty
CAH3152 Creative Writing in Chinese
CAH3165 Creative Chinese
CAH3185 Hong Kong Literature
CAH4150 Selected Readings in Chinese Shi and Ci

Please see also the Guidelines for Minor Studies

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