Student Chapter

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The Department of Chinese and History strives to devote our effort in accordance with the mission of the City University of Hong Kong, offering a peer mentoring program known as Student Mentoring Scheme (SMS) for all students to join.

Recruitment for Student Mentoring Scheme (SMS) has already started. Students who aspire to serve as a mentor are welcome to join our family!

Mentoring will be conducted through face-to-face meeting and e-mentoring in order to provide academic and personal support for the mentees. Our Student Mentoring Team will organize various activities including mentors-mentees meeting, booster camp, book hunting as well as a Thanksgiving party, with the participation of both academic staff and students.

Our scheme aims to:

  • create a family-like atmosphere for all CAH students.
  • build up mutual-friendly and supportive relationships among the senior and junior students.
  • enhance a strong sense of belonging to the Department of Chinese and History and CityU.

Being a Student Mentee

All students in their second year are welcome to become student mentees. The mentees will receive practical advice, encouragement and support from their senior mentors. They can also:

  • make new friends from different year groups;
  • develop confidence and self-motivation;
  • enhance their communication and interpersonal skills;
  • strengthen their coping skills to overcome academic and personal problems.

Being a Student Mentor

All reliable, enthusiastic, responsible senior students (from Year 3-4) are encouraged to become student mentors. The mentors not only can take this opportunity to provide assistance and guidance for their fellow students, but they can also:

  • enhance their communication and interpersonal skills;
  • develop leadership, management and organizational talents;
  • boost self-esteem and confidence;
  • gain valuable experiences for their future career;
  • expand their social circles.

Your participation will be valuable and appreciated. Don’t hesitate, join us!