GE1114 Women's Lives in Chinese History


The main focus of this course is the changes of Chinese women’s lives in an historical context. We will focus on three main themes:

  1. The historical changes of women’s lives in ancient China;
  2. The lives of women from different social classes;
  3. The legacy of the lives of traditional Chinese women today.
  4. Supervised classroom/on-line discussions and course project


This course will cover the three themes above, focusing on topical issues in the lectures. Students will participate in different kinds of learning activities such as lectures, tutorials, oral presentations, online discussions, one-day study tour, video watching, individual term paper, etc.

Teaching Staff

Medium of Instruction: English

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Starting from Summer Semester 2015/16, the medium of instruction (MOI) and medium of assessment (MOA) of this course will change to English only.