Provision of Teacher Professional Development Course Series on Optimising Secondary Chinese Language

The Teacher Professional Development Course Series (TPDCS) is designed for Hong Kong secondary school teachers of Chinese Language subject. The project team is composed of Prof. Ching May Bo, Prof. Kwok Pang Fei, Dr. Chan Hok Yin, Dr. Cui Wendong, Dr. Ling Chao, Dr. Lu Chia Hui, Dr. Lam Hok Chung, Dr. Lo Kar Kee and 6 senior secondary school teachers from various schools. 10 courses will be delivered from October 2022 to June 2023.

Integrated with professional knowledge of different experts and scholars as well as practical experience of veteran secondary school teachers, the training courses are tailor-made with thorough and careful planning for local Chinese language teachers on how to teach the new curriculum of Chinese Language subject effectively and efficiently.

Organiser: Department of Chinese and History

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