Performing Our City: Mask On-Theatre

Event’s Vision

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to the performing art industry due to the closure of theatres and cancellation of live performances. Performers are eagerly searching for alternatives to adopt to the “new-normal”.
This project aims to confront the pandemic with performing arts; and to bring encouragement and positivity to everyone in the city.


Event’s Mission

  • To promote music, Chinese opera, dance, and drama through different online performances and events
  • To engage the public in the discourse on performing art and our society under COVID-19
  • To express the hardships and extraordinary lives of different people affected by the pandemic through music, Chinese opera, dance, and drama
  • To amplify the voices of the new generations from the performing arts industry



Under the pandemic, we would be delighted to present our event “Performing Our City- Mask on Theatre”. Through online performances, artists can share their excellent performances and stories with you. The event starts from 1/4/2021 to 16/4/2021.

Details of the activities:


Nature of activity Guest
Performance Interview Kangaroooo-C
Performance Interview Byejack
Performance Interview City University of Hong Kong Student Union
Christian Fellowship Christian Band
Performance Interview Hardcore
Performance Interview Rue
Performance Interview TroVessional伍人粵Band
Cantonese Opera
Nature of activity Guest
Workshop Miss Leung Fei Tung
Interview Miss Leung Fei Tung
Performance Miss Leung Fei Tung
Cantonese Opera video and interview Mr. Lo Tak Tai
Cantonese Opera video and interview Miss Chan Wei Sze
Nature of activity Guest
Performance and demonstration lecture Emily Wong
Performance and demonstration lecture Vanessa Lung
Performance and demonstration lecture Heiman Ho
Nature of activity Guest
Broadcast Director: Mr. Yip Wan Keung
Live Sharing Drips Creation
Whitewall Production
Mr. Yip Wan Keung
Interview Whitewall Production


Students Engage Audience in Transformative Performing Arts Experience


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