The Department of Chinese and History established a Chinese-English glossary for the Teaching of junior Secondary Chinese History to non-Chinese speaking students for the Education Bureau (EDB)

To support Chinese history teaching at the Junior Secondary level, the Education Bureau has sought our Department’s assistance to produce a glossary of key terms for Chinese history. This Chinese-English glossary provides English translations and explanations of Chinese terms commonly used in the teaching of Chinese History to non-Chinese speaking students at the junior secondary level, and could be used by both teachers and students.

This glossary covers a wide range of topics based on the Education Bureau’s “Chinese History Curriculum Guide (Secondary 1-3) (2019)” and its entries are sorted in the order of nine historical periods throughout Chinese history. Downloadable in digital format, the glossary contains over 2,430 terms about Chinese history and is easy to search or browse through. This glossary was completed by Dr. TSUI Lik Hang, Dr. LI Yiwen, Prof. HON Tze-ki, and Mr. Calvin HT WONG from our Department.

All secondary school teachers and students are welcome to download the glossary for teaching and learning purposes.

Download Glossary and User Guide: