BA in Chinese and History: Cultural Heritage Stream

Cultural Heritage Stream

NOTE: All students need to take at least 9 credit units of core/elective courses at level 4.

Core Courses (24 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CAH2501 Art and Visual Culture 3
CAH2507 Historical Buildings and Preservation 3
CAH2509 History and Heritage 3
CAH2536 Intangible Heritages and Indigenous Cultures 3
CAH2537 Fundamentals of Art and Cultural Management 3
CAH3511 Hong Kong's Culture and Heritage 3
CAH3542 Museum Studies 3
CAH3548 Critical Approaches to Cultural Heritage 3


Electives (27 credit units)

Heritage and Culture Studies

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CAH2399 Discovering China from a Global Perspective
CAH2503 World Art and Culture 3
CAH2505 Arts and Aesthetic Criticism 3
CAH2510 Cultural Exchange in Global Context 3
CAH2865 History of Chinese Art 3
CAH3522 Culture and Heritage of Asian Communities 3
CAH3524 Western Cultural Heritage 3
CAH3534 Lingnan's Culture and Heritage 3
CAH3535 Global Networks and Cultural Identity 3
CAH3541 Archaeology and Cultural Heritage 3
CAH3853 Contemporary China from an Anthropological Perspective 3
CAH3862 Oral History and Field Study
CAH4507 Critical Approaches to Art and History 3
CAH4508 East Asian Film Cultures 3
CAH4870 History of Hong Kong 3

Cultural Literacy and Competence

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CAH2516 Society and Performance 3
CAH2545 Texts in Chinese Art and Culture 3
CAH2614 a Methods for Studying Humanities 3
CAH3165 Creative Chinese
CAH3167 Chinese for Mass Media
CAH3168 Chinese Editing and Publishing
CAH3517 Cultural Tourism 3
CAH3538 Patronage and Art Market 3
CAH3539 Writing for Cultural Professionals 3
CAH3546 Festival and Cultural Events  3
CAH4520 Cultural Production and Consumption 3
CAH4536 Advanced Management for Cultural Professionals 3

Project and internship

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CAH4399 b Project 6
CAH4599 Internship 3

a For ASII students only

b Subject to Department's approval