Guidelines for Minor Studies

The Department offers the following minors to students of the University.

Please observe the following guidelines for enrollment to the Minor Studies offered by the Department before submission of yourdeclaration of minors:

  1. The Minor Studies in CAH require a completion of at least 15 credit units. Students must fulfill the requirements of their enrolled Minor(s) before graduation.
  2. Students are not allowed to claim a Minor in the same academic area as their Majors.
  3. Students must follow the procedure and registration period as stipulated by the Academic Regulations and Records Office(ARRO) for declaration of minor(s).
  4. The CAH Department reserves the right to approve or not to approve an application for enrolment in a Minor.
  5. Credit Transfer up to 6 credit units is allowed for Minors. Normally, credit transfer will only be allowed for coursework undertaken at a recognized university.
  6. Course exemption will generally not be allowed for Minors.
  7. The CAH Department reserves the right to offer courses of the Minors according to available resources and adequate demand in the semesters.
  8. The CAH Department reserves the right not to offer undersubscribed courses.