Minor in Culture and Heritage Management

For students admitted to the Minor with Catalogue Term Semester B 2023/24 and thereafter.


Exclusive Majors

Students who study the following majors are not allowed to choose this minor:
Major in Chinese and History (Cultural Heritage Stream History and Cultural Heritage Stream)


Aims of Minor

This minor aims to provide essential knowledge of culture and heritage management and train students who are culturally literate and competent in managing and marketing culture and heritage. Hong Kong needs graduates to meet the growing manpower demands resulting from its rapidly expanding management capacity in culture- and heritage-related industries, including exhibition industries, commercial galleries, museum management, cultural tourism, community heritage programmes, publishing, entertainment and arts-related professions, libraries and archives, and cultural and creative industries. This minor provide a broad-based learning experience which is generic with relevance across different countries and regions, and with particular knowledge of Hong Kong's cultural heritage and its unique position in integrating cultures of the East and the West.


Co-ordinator Tel Email
Prof. LIU Dong 3442-2426 dong.liu@cityu.edu.hk


Intended Learning Outcomes of Minor (MINILOs)

Upon successful completion of this Minor, students should be able to:

  1. demonstrate cultural literacy and competency with professional understanding of the multifarious relations between cultural history and heritage, particularly of Chinese cultural heritage and Hong Kong’s unique role in bridging the cultures of the East and the West;
  2. discourse and comment intelligently and expertly on major culture and heritage issues, heritage sites, artworks and artifacts, be able to identify and assess the aesthetic, cultural and educational values of major works of cultural products and heritage artifacts, with specific emphasis on creativity, originality, and critical awareness;
  3. disseminate and promote knowledge of culture and heritage to a non-specialist audience using creative and innovative approaches and strategies;
  4. design research projects and case studies on cultural history and heritage of an interdisciplinary nature;
  5. plan, organize, promote and manage cultural and heritage programmes and activities to accommodate contemporary sensibility and the interests and expectations of different groups of local and international audiences;
  6. introduce and promote China and Hong Kong’s cultural heritage by way of innovative modes of exhibition, online display, and print and interactive media.


Minor Requirement (15 credit units)

Core Courses (6 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CAH2503 World Art and Culture 3
CAH3511 Hong Kong's Culture and Heritage 3


Electives (choose 9 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
CAH2501 Art and Visual Culture 3
CAH2505 Arts and Aesthetic Criticism 3
CAH2507 Historical Buildings and Preservation 3
CAH2509 History and Heritage  3
CAH2536 Intangible Heritages and Indigenous Cultures 3
CAH3535 Global Networks and Cultural Identity 3
CAH3538 Patronage and Art Market 3
CAH3539 Writing for Cultural Professionals 3
CAH3542 Museum Studies 3
Students can choose at most one course from the following courses:
CB2300 Management 3
MS3125 Business Project Management 3
PIA3306 Organizational Behaviour for Public Management 3

Please see also the Guidelines for Minor Studies

Enquiry: cah@cityu.edu.hk