About Us



Student Mentoring Scheme is specially designed for the freshmen to get adapted to the new university life with the help of their senior schoolfellows who serve on a voluntary basis. Under this scheme, mentors and mentees will form an integrated network to share our experiences and learn from each other. This interaction also helps to cultivate among us a strong sense of belonging to the Department, and to the University.

Throughout our studies in City University, we shall inevitably face different challenges, and through the mentor-mentee relationship, we are confident to develop our competence by overcoming the difficulties one by one. Through the various activities, we shall not only enrich our university life, but also develop ourselves into capable, responsible and sensible individuals.



The idea of the Logo is originally from the artist Xu bing, Xu’s art always play trick on the Chinese and English characters. The logo involves 6 characters, which are M-E-N-T-O-R. The meanings of the logo is the combination of Chinese character and art which is the representation of the Chinese and History Department.

(Designed by Lau King Nam)