2020 CAH Photography Contest

The Student Mentorship Scheme and the organising committees for the “Re-discovering Joseph Needham's Science and Civilisation in China” online exhibition presents a photography contest for the mentees of the scheme. The contest featured the visual storytelling of science and civilisation in China, hoping to encourage mentees to explore different aspects of this topic. 12 entries were received from our mentees. After careful selection by our judges, Lam Pui-ho won the championship by his photo about the ceramic technology, Chiu Man-ting won the first runner-up by her photo about Chinese papermaking and Lau Wing-chung won the second runner-up by his photo about Chinese paper making as well. Also, 7 students won the merit prize by their photos about the catapult and Chinese printing as well. The prize presentation ceremony was held on 29 May, with our acting head professor, Prof. Ching May-bo, as the award presenter. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of our mentees and hope that the contest has successfully raised our mentee's interest in the science and civilization of China.

Please refer to Chinese version for details.